Underwear sewing room

Underwear is a covering for the soul, it does not have to be visible

to wrap with pleasure

chemistry between people. Where does real passion come from … Is bold lingerie intended only for brave women?

The value of a woman is her interior. Men feel our warmth and love us for it. If a woman lives in harmony with herself, she feels good and radiates love. A properly selected bra, accessories and accents should be associated primarily with the comfort of wearing, support for our soul and female nature. Thanks to selected, exclusive fabrics, lace, tulle and accentuated necklines, we care for our interior and feel better with ourselves. We are more confident and thus bolder in many situations .. intimate, business or social.

Lingerie designed and sewn by DeVu Atelier is seductive and sensual. French and Italian lace smells of luxury, they are tempting and at the same time unobtrusive. You will find elegant lingerie for the day and bold lingerie for a passionate night. Put the routine in a drawer and let it wrap yourself in the fabric that is captivating to the touch. Show off what you have the most beautiful and emphasize feminine shapes. We select our underwear according to each size and type of figure.

We all deserve our bodies to be properly dressed

… to make us feel seductive.

The exclusive DeVu lingerie presents lines of subtle sets, tempting bodies, briefs, comfortable and seductive bras, lace thongs, body shaping corsets, sexy collars and other accessories. It stimulates the imagination, wraps you with passion, provides comfort and emphasizes shapes. Perfect sewing and attention to the smallest details makes the underwear extremely comfortable and carried with incredible lightness.

You can choose between subtle and bold patterns. Models that cover more or less. We balance between styles using transparent inserts, lace and cutouts. The perfect cut will make you feel seductively delicate, sexy and alluring. Give a gift to your soul and body, or let it gift yourself. Gift lingerie is always a proven solution regardless of the occasion.

Emphasize your femininity. For myself… for him…