Clothing sewing room

Our business is constantly developing. Thanks to the appropriate team of people from a small workshop, we have created a professional tailor shop with resources appropriately selected for given products. Currently, our company has a creative base in the form of a design office with dedicated to the implementation of prototypes of serial models and made to measure sewing, an artistic workshop and a clothing sewing room. This is where series of products for permanent sale are created, which can be purchased in our on-line store and in partner stationary stores. Our sewing room employs a qualified team of people with appropriate competences to prepare template sewing according to patterns commissioned by our art studio.

In the production process, we separate appropriate workstations in the cutting room and preparation department, sewing machines and devices, ironing and finishing. Thanks to this, our sewing room at the present stage is a fully professional, efficient mechanism.

We operate in books, not shortcuts, to avoid production errors and costly losses. We work on professional sewing machines from brands such as Juki, Singer or Telimena Łucznik, tailored to the relevant tailoring activities. The selection of devices is not accidental and we do not use half measures. It is important that the creations, underwear and accessories produced by our professionals meet the high expectations and meet the high-quality requirements of our wonderful customers.

We are constantly looking for excellent seamstresses with experience in the clothing industry, and in addition to open training, we also conduct training internal as part of constant training and the use of new technologies and work standards. We do our best to ensure that our tailoring staff perform their work in a professional manner, have the appropriate sense of aesthetics and beauty, are able to take care of semi-finished products in the sewing process and take care of the devices and their workplace.

during internal discussions and trainings, we can assess the needs of our employees, equip workstations or improve sewing comfort. We believe that appropriate resources, care for devices and products as well as a good working atmosphere allow us to achieve results that are satisfactory for us and our clients.