Atelier DeVu

This is where the most beautiful creations, which are successful at international fashion shows, are exhibited at galas and events, were created and created, often by well-known and admired personalities of the Polish stage. Here, too, your special, one and only one will be created.

Only at DeVu Atelier you will see with your own eyes the most beautiful models of all collections of Diana Walkiewicz. It is a place rich in experience, knowledge, possibilities and many examples of wedding, evening and occasional fashion creations.

The studio also creates artistic designs of patterns to be applied to crystal lace in Dubai – at the very heart of the fashion world, and then sewn into Diana Walkiewicz’s creations. We order unique fabrics from fashion centers in Europe and the farthest corners of the world. We work with materials imported from Italy, France and even the Himalayas. We found and buy the most beautiful laces in New York. Hand-painted silk – you can say a lot about the uniqueness of this product, but it’s best to watch and touch it with us. We also order various accessories from Cairo. Among them are sparkling, shiny diamond stones. Among the individual designs, ornaments made of natural feathers dominate. We have open stocks to buy fabrics full of amazing design, including brands such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, LOUIS VUITTON, or Philip Plain , from which they are then made phenomenal ideas and new models of creation by the designer.

A specially designed garment can be a work of art, evoking applause, amazement and admiration. The cuts can surprise with style, fascinate with the composition or delight with form, color and accessories. Main Designer Diana Walkiewicz with a master’s degree in design, is a person with a high sensitivity to beauty. In our studio, we want to focus on wonderful ideas and high aesthetics.

For wonderful women who will come to our Atelier, we will make specific works of art, tailored especially for them, their shapes, eye color … We will pour dreams into paper, select fabrics, decorations, prepare templates and place them on the materials. We will cut all the elements, pin them on a dummy, and then sew them together. We will manually decorate and finish all the details. We will work until we are sure that we have obtained the desired effect, and we will see a magical creation worthy of her client.